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How to Choose Online Bible Resources

The bible is an important book in the life of every Christian. The bible contains words inspired by God and helps us the Lord’s will in various aspects of our lives. People turn to the bible when they are struggling in various areas in their lives. Spiritual growth is a process that is very important for every Christian. For this to be achieved, the spirit must be fed. Divine inspiration from the bible enables spiritual growth. Although attending church every Sunday enables spiritual growth, it is not enough. The same way we feed our bodies every day, so should we with the spirit. Reading the bible every day enables spiritual growth. However, getting divine inspiration from the bible is not possible from just reading. Bible resources allow you to get a deeper understanding of the bible. Today, Christians are spoilt of choices when it comes to bible resources the can use. Online bible resources are readily available on the internet. However, as much as they may be readily available, choosing resources at random is not advisable. Here are a few tips you should use when selecting online bible resources.

First, the author of the resource should be known. It is essential to learn more about the person who writes the resources. Good resources will have information about the author. The author should have spent years in the ministry. Years in the ministry enable the author to gain a deeper understanding of the bible. They must interpret the scriptures in a way that is divinely inspired. This is possible if the author leads a life that is following God’s will. The Holy Scripture says that one can’t preach water and drink wine. Unfortunately, many bible resources authors lead a life that is contrary to the will of God. Such people are only out to make money from the Bible resources they write. A reputable author will provide information about themselves. This information will help you determine whether or not they should be the people interpreting the scripture for you.

Another important thing to look into is your spiritual needs. As mentioned earlier, there are numerous bible study resources online. These resources deal with various aspects of life. When you are choosing a bible resource, you will most likely have an issue you are struggling with. It is important to ensure that the resource handles those issues. It is also important to look into the doctrine promoted by the bible resource. The doctrine should abide with the true doctrine of the Bible. The true doctrine is the belief in God the Father, the Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

Finally, consider getting recommendations before selecting a bible resource. Your fellow Christians can recommend a resource that they have utilized and found it beneficial. Other than getting a recommendation for a resource, you should also get a recommendation for an author. The right resource will be selected with this information. Consider these tips when choosing online Bible resources.

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